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The Pomodorro is just our vision of25
how "the pomodoro tech" may look like:25
good design, good coding, easy to use.25
Do you like it ?25
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What is it?

Pomodorro by Ke.mU Studio is a time management, free web application, based on Pomodoro Technique.
It gives the user the possibility to set the working time of single pomodoro as well as resting time for both short and long periods of resting.

What makes our pomodoro better than others?
1. First of all - You can name your pomodoro and see the history of earlier pomodoros that you've already finished.
Thanks to that feature, it is very easy to manage the amount of pomodoros that was dedicated to a single task.
2. The application is web based, so you can use it wherever you are, you just need a browser and a internet connection.
3. And last, but not least - our pomodoro application looks great, it's intuitive, simple and properly tested - we like what we do, that's why our products are of the highest quality.